Anti‐Gravity Rehab & Fitness

‘Get Back on your feet‘ with Anti‐Gravity Rehab and Fitness. They provide an Alter‐G Treadmill for the public to use.

What is this? What does it do?

Anti‐Gravity is a rehabilitation and fitness facility which uses the NASA developed AlterG M320 treadmill. The AlterG is the new revolution in healing injuries to the lower part of the body, hips, back, knee, ankle and feet. The AlterG gives the opportunity to exercise and condition your body, without pain.

The AlterG treadmill is also used for weight loss, where it is possible to reduce body weight by 80%. With special shorts zipped into a pressurised air tight chamber, a powerful lifting force is created, allowing for ultra‐low impact physical exercise.

With all of this is mind, Burst Creative were put on the job of creating a logo that represents all of the above. A common description of the feeling of walking on this treadmill is that it feels like you are ‘walking on a cloud’. This straight away took control of the perception and created a strong visual image as a concept design.

Have a look at the Anti‐Gravity Rehab & Fitness Website that we also designed in keeping with the branding.


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