Trailer Guides

Trailer Guides initially came to Burst Creative as a brand new company. Now they have everything such as Professional Logo Design (which you can see here), Stationery Design, Product Design, Packaging Design, Flyer Design, Signage Design, Email Campaign Design, Photography, Video, Website Design just to name a few.

They are a driven brand, proudly Australian made and owned which is the reason behind the chosen colours, Green and Gold and the outline of Australia.

There product is a Multipurpose visual aid to assist with hitching, reversing and driving with a towed vehicle. The product is simple as shown in the logo.

Check out there website Burst Creative designed as well as the icons for boat, jet ski, car and bike trailers, 6×4, tradesman and camper trailers, caravans and horse floats!

If you have a brand you would like to run across many different platforms be sure to contact the designers and Burst Creative as we are always happy to have a chat.