Selectronic – My Grid

This logo is a sub element of the already existing Selectronic Logo Design. This was requested by selectronic to be the visual representation of their new product, my Grid Energy Centre. This product is all about manage your energy it is a convenient and simple was to store energy and use it at the time of your choice.

The clients did not want to the logo to be too dissimilar to the existing Selectronic Logo Design. Therefore after some brainstorming meetings it was concluded that the best way to integrate this sub brand into the company was by keeping the logo from Selectronic and using a new typeface to script ‘My Grid’ to look modern and unique on its own. By incorporating the two the initial Selectronic brand was not lost and the new My Grid stood out as a point of difference.

This logo has since been used on all marketing material for the sub brand alongside Selectronic from stationery, packaging, signage to web graphics use.