Before & After

Focus Machinery

Focus Machinery have more than 30 years of business experience. Focus were unmotivated with their original stationary, and wanted this advertising material to further their appeal and convey their message of high quality products and outstanding service. Their first decision was to approach the talented designers located in the Eastern Suburbs about the graphic design the company required.

The ‘before’ letterhead was looking washed out and not very motivational. Burst creative decided to completely overhaul the look of the stationary by giving it a vibrant and fresh new look. The colours were taken from the logo. A predominance of black in the design gives forth a feeling of power and authority, and this was balanced by the professional and talented graphic designers at Burst by using oranges in contrast, making the look uplifting and illuminating, a good point of difference. The resulting ‘after’ design is polished and sharp.

Focus didn’t stop there and came to burst for additional designs which included flyers, advertisments, and product graphics. The new Focus Machinery brand personality created for the company by Bust Creative is an excellent visual communication of the message of the business.

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